Book Reviews

Try this one—a magnificent read!

I taught literature for 29 years at Eastern Michigan University, so I am not ignorant of what makes good literature.  I knew Kathy Kelley from nearby Ann Arbor before I ever knew she had an unpublished manuscript.  Naturally, if a friend writes a book, you read it out of curiosity and loyalty without expecting all that much.  So I read her book, and it astonished me.  Here was a literary gem, beautifully written with superb characterizations and a new take on Richard III, whose reputation, it is thought, was savaged by his successor, Henry VII, after his victory over Richard at the Battle of Bosworth Field.  This is historic fiction at its best, right up there with Hillary Mantel’s Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies.
– James Devers

Knowing the basic facts of what will happen in the story only makes it more fun to see how the author handles the facts . . .

Kelley combines a taut and breathless plot with richly layered characters and a detailed knowledge of 15th century history to craft a work of fiction that is both a historical journey and an entertaining melodrama.  Knowing the basic facts of what will happen in the story only makes it more fun to see how the author handles those facts as she weaves in her own fictional interpretation with interesting ideas of what motivated these royals to do what they did.  Extremely well written without a hint of amateurish formula, this debut novel will surprise and delight.  I’m buying more copies to give to the Anglophiles in my sphere.
– Stephanie J Kadel-Taras

The Protector – a great read!

A novel mixing reality and fiction, The Protector offers a tale of love and loyalty, plotting and intrigue, envy and betrayal, culminating in Richard III taking the crown of England.  It portrays Richard as perhaps not a bad man, but a flawed man.  It is engaging from the beginning, and the author weaves her story in language that beautifully evokes the flavor and feel of 15th Century England yet remains accessible to today’s readers.  It is a journey well worth taking.
– Barbara C. Kramer

Definitely worth buying and reading, a real gem!

This book brings its characters, along with their complex personal and political conflicts, to life.  It is a fascinating, extremely well-written novel that offers a new interpretation of the motivations leading to actions that became history.  If you are not already intrigued by the history of the period, you definitely will be fascinated once you read this book.
– Kath L

Five Stars

Spellbinding historical fiction, carefully researched, exquisitely written, hard to put down.  These people come alive!
– Ann Ringia

The character development is thoughtful and makes the novel a joy to read

This is an engaging historical novel.  The character development is thoughtful and makes the novel a joy to read.
– Barb G

The dust of centuries is swept away . . .

The dust of centuries is swept away in the lively tale of Kathy Kelley’s The Protector.  Richard III’s villainous reputation is disputed by each scene where his humanity, complete with jealousies, misplaced loyalties and sexual discomforts, jumps off the page to sit with you while you ponder the fate of the young princes.  Kathy Kelley has created a page turner in her debut historical fiction.  Don’t miss this literary gem.
– Rohn Federbush

What a wonderful read!

I have finished The Protector, which I read with great interest and enjoyment.  The author writes beautifully.  She obviously has mastered a vast array of knowledge, but displays it with grace and charm.  From the first page, the reader is caught up in this saga and awaits each new development with excitement.  The narrative pace is splendid, and the character development is wondrous.  One cares about these people, even those who sometimes or always are acting badly.  The author’s command of detail—the right historical detail—is magnificent.  I hope this book is submitted for the various prizes because it certainly deserves to be considered for one of them.
– Ken Phifer

I flew through it! 

I am so happy that I purchased the book!!  I wanted to write to tell you how much I enjoyed it!  I flew through it!  Things I liked:  Your description of the environment, the clothes, what was eaten, what it looked like.  The characters were each well developed, and I wanted to love some and murder others!  The plot is basically well known, though not proven; your presentation of the facts and theory was excellent!!!!  I did not want it to end.
– David Charnesky

Don’t miss this remarkable masterpiece from a novice author!

BRAVO to this novice author ~ Ms. Kelley has taken well-known 15th century English history and spun an exquisite new perspective on the events involved in the power struggle for the throne of England. The author’s remarkably extensive research, prompted my pausing to revisit the commonly-accepted facts versus the tale she was spinning for us. In seamlessly offering us another peek into the minute details of the traditions and tribulations of the period, we are presented with a new credible perception of the motivating factors which lead up to King Richard III’s rein and ultimate downfall. As an avid reader of historical fiction, THE PROTECTOR was a great read, with the biggest problem being, putting the book down. I look forward to Kathleen Kelley’s next book!
– Ms V