The Brothers Stanley

With this post, I am taking a break from discussing the women of The Protector to talk about Margaret Beaufort’s third husband, Thomas, Lord Stanley, and his younger brother Sir William. Both were major participants in the Wars of the… Read More ›

Queen by Right

There are a number of titles I might have chosen for this discussion of Cecily Neville, Duchess of York, mother of Richard III and the fourth woman we meet in The Protector.   In her younger days, she was known as… Read More ›

The Fall of Lord Hastings

If a parent isn’t supposed to have a favorite child, an author is probably not allowed to have a favorite character either.  Nevertheless, I must confess to a particular fondness for William, Lord Hastings, the first character we encounter in… Read More ›

Uncles & Nephews

 Relationships between uncles and nephews are some of the most problematic in history and literature. They can range from close and loving to distant and even dangerous.   My novel The Protector depicts a number of possibilities.  In its prequel, The… Read More ›