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The Neville Inheritance

The Prequel to The Protector


Anne Neville is not quite 13, but she well knows that she is in love with Richard, Duke of Gloucester, the 16-year-old youngest brother of King Edward IV of England, and wishes to marry him when she comes of age.  On May Day morning, 1469, she confronts him with her declaration of love and is delighted to find that he loves her in return.  However, there is a problem. 

Richard strongly suspects that Anne’s father, the mighty Earl of Warwick, is about to turn against the king. Since Warwick, who is also known as “the kingmaker,” was instrumental in the victory of the House of York over Lancaster that placed Edward on the throne in the first place, his rebellion would be a tremendous blow to the king as well as a challenge to the peace and stability of the realm.   Sadly, Richard’s fears prove to be true.

He is then faced with a difficult decision:  choose to side with Warwick in his insurrection as his older brother George, Duke of Clarence, has already done, or risk losing Anne forever as she becomes a pawn in her father’s schemes for power.  For Richard, there is only one valid choice, but it is a heart-breaking one.

As well as a love story, The Neville Inheritance is a book about the complicated and often fraught relationship between brothers, the ties that bind them and that sometimes fray and snap.  It is lovingly dedicated to the memory of my own brother, John David McClain, who passed away in January, 2021, leaving a huge hole in my life.  He was truly “the best of brothers.”

Publication of The Neville Inheritance is expected sometime in 2022.