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Artist Statement

     As with many other things in my life, my venture into the art world came about almost by accident.  As a child I loved to draw, color and eventually paint.  But after high school, life got in the way.  A college major in English, including an M.A. in English Literature, turned improbably into a career in Accounting and Finance.   But in 2001, I heard about a course titled The Artist’s Way, based on a book of the same name by Julia Cameron, and I enrolled in it, hoping that it would lead me to do some creative writing.          

 That isn’t exactly the way things worked out.   One Saturday morning, I picked up a pencil and a drawing pad, went to the park and started sketching.   I have been sketching, drawing and occasionally painting ever since.  It took me a few months to find that wonderful implement called the colored pencil, but once I did, I immediately fell in love.  Although it is labor-intensive and time-consuming, the colored pencil yields both intensity of color and precision of line, along with a certain control over the end result.  Precision and control are two aspects of accounting that seem to have carried over into my art, and I consider that they are an essential part of who and what I am.

My subject matter includes both the natural and the man-made world and the beauties that are integral to each.  Boats, buildings and bridges are favorite subjects as are gardens, trees and flowers.  Many of my drawings are based on my travels both here and abroad.   Along with drawing, travel is one of my great passions, and it is the photographs I take on these journeys that provide the inspiration and material for much of my work.  I am a member of the Ann Arbor Women Artists and of the Colored Pencil Society of America and have exhibited with them in both juried and non-juried shows.  My works have also been featured in a number of local exhibitions, both solo and in collaboration with other artists.    I hope you will enjoy the selection of my drawings that are on display here.

Copyright 2011 Kathleen M. Kelley